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Smartphone FPBA Business

   FPBA Modules

FPBA process uses more difficult techniques than PBA process, and Flexible circuit board is used
to produce many small electronic devices unlike PCB. Especially, FPBA process is adapted to produce
smartphone and  smart devices, which increasingly used in future electronic devices industry.

ORACOM is specialized in Smartphone FPBA, and acquired many techniques and various know-hows.

Also, Oracom has built its customer reliability by maintaining high quality control level on customer's
order under Oracom's vision, "Quality Management".


   FPBA Process


ORACOM currently has 12 SMT lines, and there will be more lines in respond to customer order.

Average production capacity per line is 50,000 ea/Day, and 2,500,000 ea/Month.

If wish to know more about the details, please contact us +82-(0)31-652-5633

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