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Oracom's "History"

     2017         Obtain T-3 Technology Evaluation Excellent Company Certificate from NICE Information Sevice
     2016         Obtain 7 Manufacturing Automation Solution Patents(~2017)
     2015         Receive $10 Million Exportation Award
     2014         Register as a vendor of SamSung Electronics Semiconductor Tester  Supplier
                     Begin supply Vehicle Components to LG Electronics for Tesla
     2013         Register as a vendor of LG Electronics VC Business
                     Obtain ISO/TS 16949 Certificate
     2012         Register as a vendor of Hyundai Mobis
     2011         Supply Car BlackBox to Dae Gu city Taxi  Association
     2010         Supply Car BlackBox to Dae Jeon city Taxi  Association
     2009         Designated as  Export Promising Business
     2008         Obtain MAIN-BIZ Certificate
                     Designated as Gyeong Gi Province Excellent Business
     2007          Extend Headquarter building in Pyeong Taek city
                      Attract Second Investment from LG Blue Ocean Invest Association
     2006          Obtain INNO-BIZ Certificate
                      Attract First Investment from LG Blue Ocean Invest Association
                      Designated as LG Electronics' Quality Excellent Vendor
     2005          Designated as Quality 100ppm company from LG Electronics
     2004          Register as a Vendor of LG Electronics Mobile Communication Business
                      Receive $5 Million Exportation Award
                      Receive President's Award from Republic of Korea government
     2003          Built Headquarter in Pyeong Taek city
                      Obtain  ISO 9001 / TL 9000 Certificate
                      Develop and Export MP3 Player to the USA/China/HongKong
     2002          Designated as a Vendor of LG CDMA
                      Obtain Laboratory Establishment Certificate
     2001           Establish ORACOM CO., LTD

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